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Club members can post a free Ad by placing a comment (parts for sale or parts needed) and I will get them posted under this page And I will put your ad in our newsletter that goes to all club members.

For non club members, if you have an item to sell, you can type a comment on this page for your item and I will see it (without posting it) and pass the information to our club members in an email. You can also just send us an email with your item to MoonCarClub@gmail.com and I can do the same thing by sending that item out to our club members to see.

FYI…we have members and non-members that own Moons for sale. Join the club is the best way to learn more about these cars for sale.

We are in the process of developing a policy for non-members to be able to post sale items or wanted items ads on this website (and club newsletter) and will update this page once our club Board members approves the policy…..Jeff

PS….the newest items are at the bottom of this post!

PS…please include you email address or phone number  in the body of your message when looking to buy or sell

13 Responses to Swap Site

  1. Will Moon says:

    I have two Moon 640 tourings, a 1922 and a 1923. I also have a complete parts chassis (1923). Anyone interested in parts can contact me. I may also consider selling one of the two cars.


      Dear Mr WIll Moon my name is Glenn William Moon i am in australia and collector of many old and fine machines , i have seen that you have some Moon 640 and i could be interested in purchasing , please could you send any information to my email , springandhammer@hotmail.com
      kind regards Glenn Moon

    • Will can you let me know if you have any dash parts and send photo’s of car as I need other parts Regards Roger

  2. mooncars says:

    Wing Nuts for the windshield of a 1922 6-40. Also need 1922 MOON 6-40 AMP GAUGE
    Please contact Allen Aucoin @ opayz@bellsouth.net or phone 504-737-7135

  3. dave enrico says:

    Does anybody know about the 1923 moon coupe that was in virginia i think,i dont know how to chk e bay on past ads im sure theres a way to do it,im not to computer literate
    (illiterate) hate to see the car disappear or street rodded,possibly available to someone a little closer,i believe it was cheap money

  4. Warren Hunting says:

    I have Moon 6-40 Touring that my dad and I restored in 1950. It was in storage in Independence, MO and had parts stolen off of it a few years ago. I want to get it back together again. Stolen parts include: Hood (was gray, with a black pin stripe), Tail light and license bracket with Missouri Historic license #1024, Dog-bone radiator cap with crescent moon on top, Clamp-on windshield wind wings, 4 screw on hub caps, and 4 rings which the lug bolts (also taken) went through to hold the 23″ disc wheels on. The car was stored up on jacks, and we found the wheels just hanging on the hubs. Other parts had also been loosened for the thieves’ return trip.

    Naturally I would like to have the original parts back, or at least the propper replacements. The wheel rings were about 9-1/4″ O.D. with about a 6-12″ inside diameter and 5 holes for lug bolts. Those rings were perhaps unique, because my dad had taken them “Independence Stove Works” and had black porcelain baked on them.
    The hood had Ford “Woodsmoke Gray” finish on it. Tail light was round, and painted black with a nickel plated rim. It clamped onto the vertical rod via a square headed set screw. These hub caps had the center discs with the “MOON” lettering having the “O”s leaning to the right, as I recall, on a red background.

    I am in need of, for my 1924 6-40 touring:
    (4) Hub Caps
    (4) Rings that the 5 lug bolts go through to mount the 23” disc wheel
    Tail Light & License Bracket
    (4) Windshield Wing Nuts
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Warren Hunting 660-864-1237

  5. dave enrico says:

    the other night i received a phone call the gentleman has a 1923 moon touring rear body section, price unknown,if any body needs it call or email me and ill follow up
    part is in so calif, dave enrico 909 918 7171

  6. mooncars says:

    Enough parts for a 1926-27 6-60 to put two rolling chassis together.
    Ron Moon

  7. mooncars says:

    1927 Moon Series A Arrowhead Roadster
    Needs a complete restoration. You can see one picture in the Photo section with the other 1927’s.
    Contact Bill Kachler – kachler@maysvilleky.net

  8. mooncars says:

    Parts Wanted:
    Dash Parts for a 1923 6-40 Moon – Speedo, oil, and amp gauges. Dash light, choke cable, and ignition switch. Contact Roger Fletcher located in New zealand at: actionbikewreckers@clear.net.nz

  9. DAVE ENRICO says:


  10. Harold Besmanoff says:

    I have the December, 1953 issue of Motor Trend that has a large well-written article about Moon automobiles that is illustrated with many photographs. The magazine, although somewhat worn with some tearing on the cover, might be of interest to someone here. The pages with the Moon article are clean and intact. If anyone wants it, I’ll mail the magazine anywhere in the USA for $12.00. PayPal is fine. Photo on request.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Harold Besmanoff

  11. dave enrico says:

    thanks everyone who replied,am making progress,hope everyone enjoys there cars this summer
    thanks dave

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