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1928 Diana Palm Beach Special Roadster

1928 Diana Palm Beach Special Roadster made by Moon – Jerry Ball

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4 Responses to 1928 Diana Palm Beach Special Roadster

  1. michael carmichael says:

    A magnificent Diana with the plating package! Just imagine the shock and awe this car created anywhere in the world in the 1920s. The elegance of this car was surpassed by very few — mainly Bugatti, Mercedes, Hispano, Isotta, Bentley and Rolls. Few American brands can boast the elegance and elan of the Diana — Duesenberg, Stutz, Pierce Arrow, Cadillac and Packard, perhaps. The Diana is one of the most underappreciated classic cars on earth. This car is stunning. The simple single blade bumper is much more elegant than the double and tripple chrome bumpers. Bravo!

  2. Who owns this beauty ?
    Is it for sale ?

  3. michael carmichael says:

    This is a lovely Diana. My father, William Graham Carmichael, purchased his Diana Palm Beach from the factory in St. Louis. He loved the car, and he actually did spend his winters cruising around Palm Beach. As a representative of Paramount, dad drove his Diana all over the USA — literally from coast to coast stopping by the factory for routine maintenance. The Diana was not Dad’s first Moon product. He owned a Moon Roadster in Robin’s Egg Blue that he traded for the Diana. Congratulations to the owners of this fine Diana Palm Beach Roadster.

  4. Michael Carmichael says:

    My father, William Graham Carmichael, owned a Palm Beach Special Roadster similar to this one — except Dad’s Diana was green. As a representative of Paramount Studios, Dad criss-crossed America in the twenties — and drove his Diana in Florida where he golfed in Palm Beach at the Breakers and Sarasota with his friend, Bobby Jones. When passing through St. Louis, Dad visited the factory for service. The Diana Palm Beach Special was a favorite car of Dad’s who told me many stories about driving throughout America in the twenties and thirties as a representative of Paramount in his glorious Diana with its enchanting mascot.

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