2017 Club Membership Information

Hello to all the Moon owners and Moon enthusiasts around the world!

Why would you want to become a member of the Moon Car Club?
1) You will be part of the FIRST ever car club devoted entirely to the cars made by the Moon Motor Car Company of St. Louis, MO USA.
2) You will receive the quarterly Moon Car Club newsletter, “The Silver Shell”. These newsletters will have interesting articles about members’ cars, tech talk, upcoming meetings, meets and shows, including local shows where members will be showing their Moons.
3) You will receive our Membership Roster with all the membership contact information, thus allowing free contact with other Moon owners and enthusiasts who share your interest in these cars. And until your information is published in the next roster, your membership information will be distributed to the other club members via email so others can contact you.
4) You will be able to place free “Want ads” and “For Sale ads” in the newsletter and on our website.
5) You will be invited to attend our annual Moon Car Club meet (our 2016 meet was already held in St. Louis and our 2017 will be in the northwest part of the country. Details will be in our Sept 2016 newsletter).
6) You will get emails and other notices about upcoming events where our club and our members will have with their cars.
7) You will have the opportunity to be in on group purchases of items that need to be custom made for the Moon cars.
8) You will be part of a group of Moon owners that will develop a list of favorite suppliers of critical parts for the Moons and for restoration shops that rebuild critical parts for the Moons.
9) You will part of a group of people that “holds as its aim, the encouragement of members to acquire, restore, preserve and exhibit any vehicle produced by the Moon Motor Car Company of Saint Louis, Missouri USA.”

I am sure there are more reasons to join and be a part of what I believe is going to be a GREAT car club as witnessed at the Moon Meets we have held the past 6 years. We had a wonderful start with lots of enthusiasm by everyone who attended with many more wishing that they could have attended. But whether you can ever attend one of our club meets or just stay connected via our newsletters, emails and website, know that all of our interests are with the cars made by The Moon Motor Car Company – “Favorably known the world over”.

If you are interested in receiving a membership application please contact us at Mooncarclub@gmail.com and we will email the application form to you. The application has the mailing address so you can send your form back along with the $25/yr dues. (You will get the back issues of this year’s newsletters plus the current club membership roster.)

If you have any other questions please let us know..

Thank you and I hope to see or hear from you soon!
Jeff Buckley
Moon Car Club
P.S. Finally, regardless of whether you join our club or not, please let us know if you buy or sell any Moon/Diana/Windsor/Ruxton cars or ever hear of someone else that has one of these vehicles. We would like to keep a listing of all of the cars made by The Moon Motor Car Company, so stay in touch!

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