Welcome HVA & Hemmings Readers

In the last few days, the Historic Vehicle Assoc emailed their January 2015 online edition of their monthly newsletter with a wonderful article about the Moon Motor Car Company. The article was written by John Paul. Here is the website link to that article:

The Moon Motor Car Company

At the same time, Hemmings mailed out their March 2016 issue of the Hemmings Classic Car magazine with a great article about the Moon Motor Car Company that was written by Patrick Foster. If you haven’t seen that article, you will have to buy the March 2016 magazine or maybe watch for it on the Hemmings website at a later date.

In any event, we have had over 8,500 page hits to our website in just the last 2 days and we hope you have enjoyed seeing the survivors of Moons, Dianas, Windsors and Ruxtons in our photo section of the website.

We also have an upcoming car meet that we are hosting for owners of cars manufactured in St. Louis prior to 1931. Stay tuned to this website in the next few weeks to find out more about our meet that will be held in St. Louis this coming June.

If you would like to contact us to learn more about the Moon Car Club, please email us at Mooncarclub@gmail.com

About mooncars

Moon Cars
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2 Responses to Welcome HVA & Hemmings Readers

  1. Jorge Angel Lopez Sanchez says:

    Beautifull picture.

  2. Jack Girvan says:

    Outstanding work. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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