Ruxton Book on Sale now

For your information, the book that fellow club member, Jim Fasnacht, wrote about the Ruxton is now available for sale. He wrote this book about the history of the Ruxton in time for the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours and the great showing of most of the surviving Ruxtons. It’s a wonderful read and is the definitive book about the Ruxton and the cars that have survived.

The book is available exclusively through Autobooks-Aerobooks which is the world’s largest bookstore. You can Google them and order via telephone or online via their website. I have listed a direct link to the company website “new arrivals” section,


Ruxton Book Cover

Product ID:  18305

Price:     $75.00

THE RUXTON AUTOMOBILE History and Authenticity Guide

Posted by Jim Fasnacht on 10/28/2014

 The era of the Ruxton Automobile was a fascinating time in the history of the United States. It coincided with the transition for the roaring twenties into the Great Depression which devastated businesses and lives alike. Arguably the most compelling of automobile company stories, the Ruxton saga reads like a Hollywood script. Given the marque’s low production numbers, history has quietly tucked away both the story and the detailed knowledge of the automobiles themselves. Assembling this book has been an all-consuming task as the majority of the content is new information including summarized research tables, factory letters, and many never before released photographs.

The first chapter tells the story of the Ruxton company. The rest of the book is devoted to providing valuable information for the stewardship of these fine automobiles. This project was undertaken with the hope that the book will give readers an appreciation for the cars and their place in history along with the tools to ensure that the Ruxton automobile endures in perpetuity.

Just in time for Christmas. Order your copy now!!

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6 Responses to Ruxton Book on Sale now

  1. Pey-droh says:

    They’re sold out, sadly. No one else has it????

    • mooncars says:

      Yes, they are out of print but the author of the book is working on adding additional material and hopes to have a second printing sometime in the future.

      • Edward Dean Butler says:

        Can anyone tell us when the new edition of the Ruxton book will be available, or how to contact the author?

      • mooncars says:

        The 1st printing sold out in record time and the author is currently making a few updates before he goes to the 2nd printing. Watch this website for the announcement when the book is in print again.

      • Edward Dean Butler says:

        I would like to contact the author about distributing the book in Europe. The first edition was not available in Europe.

      • mooncars says:

        I will forward your request to him and provide your contact information so he can contact you directly.

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