Added New Pictures of Moons, Dianas, Windsors and Ruxtons Found

I got a little behind on adding photos of recently found Moons, Dianas, Windsors and Ruxtons. I added 14 pictures to the photo section of our website. These are pictures of cars that have not been on this website before. Most of the pictures are of cars that the owners have found us via our website and they joined our club and submitted some pictures. Some of them are pictures from other websites because of recent sales. Others are club members that have finally submitted a picture of their car. Here is a list of the cars added…..enjoy.

1922 6-40 Moon Touring
1923 6-58 Moon Touring
1924 6-40 Series U Roadster
1924 Series A Touring
1926 Diana Sedan
1926 (?) Diana Sedan
1927 6-60 Moon Roadster
1928 6-72 Moon Aerotype Roadster
1929 8-92 Windsor White Prince Coupe
1929 Windsor White Prince Sedan
1930 6-75 Windsor White Prince Sedan
1930 Ruxton Sedan (unrestored)
1930 Ruxton Model C Roadster
1931 Ruxton Sedan

I know there are more out there. Please send me your photos!

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