Well respected gentleman and one of the top Model A mechanics died today

I know that most of you didn’t know Terry Oberer from Byrnes Mill Missouri but I have to pay tribute to a man who helped me when I got started with old cars (Ford Model A’s) and was a great teacher/mentor about all things related to mechanics for antique automobiles. Some of our Moon Car Club members in St. Louis knew him well as a master mechanic for Fords (T , A and early V-8’s for over 54 years, even before he could legally drive a car) but only a few knew that he also worked on some of the Moons that were in St. Louis over the years including my first Moon that I acquired (The New Zealand Moon).  Terry lived life to the fullest, made the most of every minute, and was a very dear friend that I will miss greatly.

Terry Oberer – Rest In Peace (Feb 1943 – Aug 2012)

It has been said that, when a person dies, it is as though a library has burned to the ground. With Terry’s passing, all of the antique automobile world has lost a magnificent library. What a tremendous loss!

Jeff Buckley

President, Moon Car Club

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