Getting a Moon drivable for the summer – Part 9 in a Series.

Boy has it been a long time since I last posted an update to this series. Not that I didn’t do anything on the my roadster but that I HAVE BEEN VERY BUSY on various aspects of the car and every time I made a new discovery I thought about writing it up but never found the time. 

Now the title has changed from “Getting the car ready for the Moon Meet” (I did get the car started for the March 19th Meet) to “Getting the car ready for the 50th Anniversary of the Concours d’Elegance car show” to now “Getting the Moon drivable for the summer”.

First, I thought I would get the Roadster ready for the HCCM Easter Car Show and I did (almost). On the night before the show I did run into a few small issues but I tried to not let that bother me. After filling up the gas tank I found a small leak at one of the seams near the top of the tank. NOT A PROBLEM, I just drained down the tank to below the leak. Second, after reinstalling the hydraulic brakes and adjusting them I found a leak at the Master cylinder. NOT A REAL PROBLEM, since they held enough to get on and off the trailer (hopefully). But the real killer for that night was the clutch that wouldn’t release so I could put it into gear. That was one thing that I hadn’t check out on this Moon …… a rusted, stuck clutch.  This was late on Saturday night before the Easter Show and I had already spent many hours on the brakes and was too tired to tear into the clutch to see exactly what the problem was. I had tested the shift action on the car while I was going over everything but I failed to think about the clutch plate and what condition it was in after 41 years of sitting in a barn. In the end I had to just wrench it up into the trailer and take it to the show that way. I had hoped to make the roadster drivable onto the field but that was not to be. Being in the unrestored state that it was, the crowd at the Easter show really like seeing it just like it was. We also had Wayne’s 1923 6-40 Touring and Jim’s 1928 Diana Palm Beach Special (you can see photos on another posting on this website)

Anyway back to my project and my new goal of “Getting the Moon drivable for the summer”.

First, I pulled the gas tank and took it to a repair shop to get the seam fixed. While I had the gas tank out I put back the original gas fitting that went into the gas tank. I had that repaired about a month ago but hadn’t put it back in yet.  I also pulled my original Moon mat out of the car and pulled the floor boards up to get at the clutch. I adjusted the clutch plate and the brake pedal back to what the manual called for and I still couldn’t get the clutch to release so my final solution was to put a chain on the front of the Moon and hook it up to my truck. I had a friend pull the Moon a couple of inches while I stepped on the clutch and “POP” went the clutch. It was freed after being stuck for 41 years. For the final test I drove the roadster up and down the street in front of my shop and it WORKED!!!!

Now I can start the job of tweaking the areas that need to make the car truly drivable for the summer but still unrestored. I still have to work on the brakes (leaking), the carburetor (not adjusting very well) and add wiring for the generator and brake lights.

In my next post I will go into details about what I have done to the hydraulic brake system and what still needs to be done. This will include pictures of the way to restoring the inter-workings of the brake cylinders. We have heard that a well-known eastern restoration shop is not restoring the cylinders back to original condition and that may lead to problems with them leaking. You will see the pro’s and con’s to the two methods and then you can decide on how you may want to proceed.

Enjoy the pictures.

Jeff Buckley

P.S….I failed to mention that Jean Magre has been helping me with getting my car driveable. Some days I don’t know if that’s a help or what but we are having a good time and laughing about some of the dumb things we do as we learn more about the car. At times neither one of us knows what we are doing but that hasn’t stop us from trying and we have made progress. I hope to return the favor when he gets started on his 1911 Model 30 Moon roadster this summer.

P.S.S….I will post some pictures now and add more pictures to this post within the next week or so but I wanted to get this video of me driving the roadster down the street right now to see if this link to YouTube works. So click on this YouTube link to see the action! ===>

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