First public appearance of the Moon Car Club and some of the owners cars!

Special Announcement…..The Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri has been planning this year’s 50th Anniversary Easter Concours d’Elegance in Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Normally they feature one car club each year at this event. This year they want to feature St. Louis built cars and since we are a new club and the Moon is a St. Louis automobile they want to invite us to be the featured club. The Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri plans to give our club a “place of honor” in the show field in the front row! This is a great honor and we have 4 Moon owners and 1 Diana owner that will be displaying their cars at this event. EVERYONE is invited to come and see these cars! It’s free to just come and look at the cars. It’s on Easter Sunday, April 24th from 11am till 3pm at the upper Muny parking lot in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri.

UPDATE TO THE EASTER EVENT – Due to the weather conditions for Sunday, some or all the Moons will not be at the show. Every one of the cars are “open” roadsters or tourings and if it rains that will keep the cars from the display this year. We will be watching the weather conditions on Sunday morning and will determine at that time whether we display the cars or not. We will try our best to be there. Thank you for your understanding and lets cross our fingers!

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