IT STARTED TODAY – Part 8 in a Series.

IT’S ALIVE……After 41 years in storage and an open barn with mice and who knows what else. The 1925 Series A Roadster STARTED up with the second push of the starter switch at 2:50 p.m. central time today! With the help of Jean Magre and Bob Austin we put the final parts back on yesterday and today. Then Jean and I got the fire extinguisher ready and open the garage door in case we needed to make a quick exit. Finally, I climbed into the roadster (with no seat in it yet, remember I stayed up high on the back of the seat so I could jump out if I had to) and pulled the ignition switch and pressed the starter switch on the floorboard. It cranked once and fired a little with a bang. I backed off and pressed the starter switch again and it fired right up with a LARGE puff of grey smoke.  The Continental 7Z engine never looked back from that moment. We ran the engine for about 10 minutes to adjust the carburetor and to idle it down some. By this time grey smoke filled the building since I had poured some oil down the cylinders beforehand. It also was a little noisy since the exhaust pipe and muffler had quite a few holes in them but all in all it was a sweat sound to hear the engine running.

Here are a few pictures of today’s event. They look cloudy because the smoke was thick in the air for those first few minutes until I put my 48” fan on to clear it off. I will post more as I still have more to do this week but I think getting the engine running in time for the Moon meet is all I have time for before we gather together.

My next target is to get it DRIVEABLE for April 24th for this year’s 50th Anniversary Easter Concours d’Elegance in Forest Park, St. Louis. It’s the biggest car show in St. Louis each year and this year they want to feature the cars made by Moon and feature our new club. What an honor! So think about bringing your Moon to the event if you can!

Thanks for reading this blogs about supporting me to getting the 1925 Series A Roadster running. I will continue to provide updates until I am on the road with the car, so stay tuned!!!!!

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