Getting a Moon ready for the Moon Meet – Part 7 in a Series.

Only 2 weeks until the Moon Meet in St. Louis and the Roadster is getting close to being ready to start-up.  If you remember I started this blog 7 weeks ago with the intention of “getting the engine running AND making the roadster drivable in a safe manner”. Let’s look at my original list and see how far I have come.

 Starting & running the Engine

1)      Clean the car of the dirt & crud from 40 years of storage including 10 years in an open barn.  (DONE)

2)      Drain & replace all fluids – oil pan, transmission case & rear end (DONE)

3)      Inspect & replace the battery cables and other electrical wires needed to start the car (DONE)

4)      Inspect the exhaust system and make sure there are no obstructions (DONE but need to repair exhaust pipe this week)

5)      Inspect & test/flush the radiator for leaks and replace the hoses (DONE but need to re-install)

6)      Replace the fan belt (it’s a leather belt that is about to fall off) (DONE but need to re-install)

7)      Inspect the starter, distributor and water pump – oil & grease, where needed (DONE)

8)      Inspect & clean out the carburetor and vacuum tank (DONE but need to re-install)

9)      Inspect & clean out the fuel tank and fuel lines (install a temporary I gal tank if needed) (DONE but need to re-install)

10)   Lube all levelers & rods that control the starting and operating of the engine (DONE)

11)   Install a new 6v battery and start the engine! (This coming week!)   

Make the car safely drivable (Not started)

1)      Pull the wheels and inspect & grease the wheel bearings

2)      Inspect the steering system & front end and lubricate where needed

3)      Inspect the brake system (Remember in 1924 they started putting on 4 wheel hydraulic brakes)

4)      Inspect the tires & wheels –replace the tires and tubes

5)      Inspect & replaced the wiring where needed throughout the car for working lights

Check out the pictures from this last week. Most of the time that I was able to spend on the roadster was with the electrical / wiring systems. Tracing the spider web of wires under the dash and then deciding to just put in new wires for just starting the car. All those wires in the car looked to be original and I decided not to trust any of them while trying to start the car. I have included the regular diagram from the 1925 Series A owner’s manual and then I show another diagram with my changes in red.

One other item left over from last week ( # 6) was looking for some type of leather cup that I was told belonged on the pump rod of the hydraulic brake reservoir tank. Well, after talking with Ron Moon and inspecting about 10 of those tanks between us, it was determined that the rod as shown in the pictures from week # 6 and the pictures that I include here in week #7, don’t need any leather cup. It should work as designed, as it is.

This upcoming week should be the week for the startup of the engine. I will update the website as soon as that happens so stay tuned! After that, we will see if there is any time to work on “making the car safe to drive”.

I still have lots to do to get ready for the Moon meet. For those that are attending, expect an email from Ron and I with more details about the weekend including links to other fun attractions to visit while you are in St. Louis.

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