Getting a Moon ready for the Moon Meet – Part 6 in a Series

Well, things are coming together nicely.  I was able to pick up my vacuum tank and second radiator that I had sent out the week before and I was able to test and clean a number of other parts in my final preparation of re-assembling the engine parts and trying to start the car for the first time in 41 years! Also, I got my shipment of Tire tubes and flaps from Coker Tire that I ordered at the beginning of the week.

Here is what else I got done this past week:

1)      Picked up the Gas vacuum tank that was tested and cleaned (not restored).  It had a strong vacuum that when it was properly filled with gasoline would shut off and wait until the float would indicate that it needed to pull gasoline back in for the engine.

2)      The gas filter that was attached to the vacuum tank was cleaned. (Still need to make a new gasket for it).

3)      Pulled off the water pump and found it to be very stiff in its movement so I removed the old grease from the fittings and cleaned everything then I repacked new grease in the fittings.

4)       Found a shop that sold steel braided hydraulic lines and bought a couple of feet to make the connection between the water pump and generator.

5)      Took the Stromberg R-1 carburetor apart and cleaned the jets and reassembled it.

6)      Took the period correct air filter apart and cleaned the components and reassembled it.

7)      Put heat to the hydraulic brake reservoir tank to feel up the rod that was stuck. Removed the fittings and rod to clean the tank and the components. The tank was missing the leather cup seal on the rod so I must try to find one from what they call a “trombone style” bug sprayer.

8)      Took pictures of the wiring on the firewall and under the dash to start to figure out where they are go or should go. This car has lots of extra light switches, heater switch and muffler cutout switches to trace.

9)      Worked on the choke cable and sprayed WD 40 down the cable ends to feel up the cable line for better action.

10)   Stated to check out the spark plug wires more closely but when one broke in the distributor cap I decided to replace the wires this next week.

Like I said at the beginning of this note, I feel good about starting to reassemble the parts that I have taken off and maybe if I am lucky I may try to crank it at the end of this week. I only have the gas line component that I am waiting on (a friend is trying to fix the cracks in the brass cup) before I reinstall the gas tank but I can put a small test tank to test the engine if I need to. So we will see where we are at by Friday.

Oh I forgot, one other thing that must get done soon is to bring over Jean’s 1911 Roadster body and running gear to clean it up for the Moon Meet display on Sunday, March 20th. (The engine was already out of the car and is now reassembled for the display at the meet)

Only 3 weeks to go…..Hope to see you at the meet!

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