Getting a Moon ready for the Moon Meet – Part 5 in a Series.

Sorry for the delay of this post but I had traveled out of town over the weekend and didn’t get a chance to put this update on the website.

The fifth week (with 4 more to go!) and I finally feel like I am making progress (and fewer excuses) into this project. List below are the things that I was able to work on and felt that I made significant progress towards cranking this Moon up to see if it will run after 40+ years.

1) Tested the radiator for leaks and clogs in the tubes. I used a laser temperature gauge tester to test for clogs and I then took the radiator over to a very good local radiator shop and they put it under about 4 lbs. of pressure and NO LEAKS anywhere!
2) Removed and cleaned the lower radiator hoses and pipe. Cut all the new hoses for the radiator.
3) Made the new battery cables between; the starter and starter switch (POS); the starter switch and the battery (POS); the battery ground to the frame (NEG); and the NEW frame ground to one of the starter bolts on the starter (NEG). This last cable will create a better ground back to the engine for better starting.
4) Tested the movement of the shaft between the water pump and generator. Good movement and I oiled the generator in the two spots I located
5) Tested the movement of the distributor shaft is ensure that it was not frozen. Turned nicely and I oiled the shaft. I noticed that the points do not open and will need to be adjusted as a next step.
6) Inspected the Spark Plugs (but have not tested the spark plug wires yet)
7) Pulled the hydraulic brake reservoir from the firewall to disassemble. It is frozen up so this next week that will be on the to do list.

8 ) Removed the Stromberg R-1 carburetor to inspect and clean this next week
9) Inspected and cleaned the gas line / Gas gauge line that comes out of the gas tank and prepped the tank fitting for the gas lines.

Time is getting short and I need to test start the engine soon. Sometime in the next week or so I do plan on doing that as start to re-assemble some of the parts that I have inspected and cleaned. The brakes and the wheels are another story and luck will have to play into this if I am going to move the car.
Stay tuned…..

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