Getting a Moon ready for the Moon Meet – Part 4 in a Series.

The fourth week (with 5 more to go before the meet!) into this project and I still have not gotten this into high gear. One day Jean and I worked on his 1911 Model 30 engine getting one of the cams freed up (it’s a dual cam engine, how about that!) and took the better part of a half day by the time we got done. We also need to go and get help on getting a cam bushing out so the cam with the gear for the oil lubrication could come out. The good news is that the cam is now out. (Sorry, but I forgot again to bring my camera with me that day to take pictures of his engine.) For those of you that are coming to the Moon meet the plan is to have it dry fitted back together for display that weekend during our tour to see the Moons that will be on display, including Jean’s 1911 Roadster.

Anyway, back to my project and I am not blaming Jean for my own pokeyness. I did take apart the vacuum tank for the gas system and it look pretty good for not being used for 40 years.. I have a few pictures of it included. The last time I took the vacuum tank off of the 1924 Series A Touring export. The inter-tank was eaten up and a couple of the fittings were bad and had to be replaced. As in that case I took the this tank over to Gary Wallace (Rusty Wallace’s uncle) and he checking out the functionality of the tank and I should get it back in about a week or two. The other thing that I did on the Roadster this week was to flush out the radiator and was very please when I saw VERY clear water flowing through right off the bat and with not visible leaks. Tow other tests that I have to perform yet on the radiator is to plug up the holes and fill the radiator up with steaming hot water and then feel around the entire core to ensure that the temperature is the same all the way around. If it isn’t then that may indicate some plugs tubes in the core. This was suggested by Ron Moon as a quick test of the radiator. I also have a non-contact laser thermometer that should work too. I will try both methods to see if I can detect any stoppage in the radiator. These laser thermometers are also handy to check your engine block and your brake drums on cars for overheating too.

Sadly that was all I got done on the roadster this week but I have a good feeling about this coming week. The temperature is forecasted to be in the 50’s and maybe the 60’s and that always gets the blood flowing a little better on projects. So check back next week to see if I made some REAL progress on the car!

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