A Visit with Al Aucoin and his 6-40 Touring

Well, I was traveling this past week and as the case in many of my trips, I managed to know of a Moon Car close enough to my route to stop by to see the owner and his Moon. It’s amazing that it works out that way but it does.

I am going to provide this little article on Al and his Moon on this website as a teaser of some of the articles (but with more details) we hope to have in our club newsletters when we get it started in 2011. (Did I mention that we are having the FIRST International Moon Car Club Meet in St. Louis next March?)

Al has owned this touring for over 40 plus years. As he restored the car he kept it original by looking at another original 6-40 that was nearby. This other 6-40 came from a Moon family estate sale back in the 40’s or 50’s (this is another story that we will have to follow up on at a later date).

In our discussion about some of the features on his car, Al had some questions that he would like to ask the other 6-40’s owners on what they had on their cars.

SO HERE WE GO OWNERS OF 6-40 MOONS and other knowledgeable Moon enthusiast: I am going to show some pictures of parts of Al’s Moon and in the caption of the picture I will describe what Al (and the rest of us) are looking for in regards to your thoughts on what it should be or what you have on your 6-40 Moon.  WE want to know what the other 6-40’s have in this area! Even if you don’t have a 6-40 but you have some thoughts or experience about the part in question please feel free in posting a reply to the picture. We thought this would be fun to see what the other 6-40’s had for these features.

When the visit ended, Al did tell me that he was glad that we were putting a club together to help get Moon owners together. He thought it was a great idea so that Moon owners could contact each other and talk about their cars and how things are suppose to look, where to find parts and how to get parts restored.

Al, thank you for your hospitality and letting us see your wonderfully restored 6-40 Touring! 

ABOUT POSTING A MESSAGE – For those of you unfamiliar with how the postings/replies work on this website. You can look at the article/picture and if there is a spot for you to rely at the bottom of that article/picture then you type in your reply along with your contact information. I get an email from the website telling me I need to “moderate” a message to the website. I sign in and look at the message and either “Accept” / “Reject” /  “Hold” or “Edit” the message. I do this so we don’t get SPAM or Offensive message posted on the website. This way everyone can see your messages and we can maybe even get into a discussion about Moon questions. How’s that! Pretty cool, isn’t it!

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