Moon owners meet at Hershey Swap Meet!

The Hershey AACA meet was a great place for Moon owners to meet each other. We had seven other owners that came by our Moon Car Club booth in the Orange Field during the 4 day event. Gilbert Bureau and Andre Audette came down from Canada (it just goes to show you that the U.S. will let anyone in if these two got in!). David North, Keith Connell, Jean Magre, Paul TerHorst and Sean Guy dropped by at various times as well. We also had numerous other Hershey visitors stop by the booth and view the display and to say they knew someone who had a Moon or had other little tidbits of information about Moons or people who had one. I made lots of notes to be followed up on.

 I knew we had an impact when on Friday night I was at the Hershey Museum to see the display of cars and I overheard people talk about seeing the Moon Club booth when they were viewing the Moon at the museum. Boy that was exciting!

Here are a few pictures from Hershey.

Also, I have updated names and added some Moon car pictures to the Photo site. Check it out, we have had over 2,300 page hits since the end of July!

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